Our Mission

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We are a non-profit serving our Lord Jesus Christ.  Any purchases are sold at the lowest price we can produce the video's for.

Our mission is to help people realize that they will be able to find food to eat in times of trouble and distress.  There is NO Substitute for Prayer !  But if you will watch these video's you can learn to find simple plants that are editable and good for you.  Yes some of them taste bitter, but that's due to the vitamins and minerals, along with other things nature put in the plants for you.  The bible says "The herbs of the field are for the healing of man".   Here is your chance to learn about some plants that you can eat that grow naturally in most parts of the country and world.  Many of these plants require cooking and poring the water off and boiling again to improve the taste and in some cases, toxins like the Poke weed has.

Every effort has been made to provide you with acccurate and safe information.  Our guide, Daniel Titus has been studying plants most of his life and is a very trusted and knowledable source on editable plants.  Refence books he uses are from very well established outdoorsmen who are considered experts in the field of wild editable plants.  We received no compansation for any recommendations on books.  Our recommendations are based upon long standing knowledge of the authors of these books and Daniels own experience.

Why are we doing this?

Because the Lord has lead me to produce and publish this information before it's too late.  I have prayed many times about this project and the Lord has opened doors and answered my prayers concerning this project in no uncertain terms.  So I give you the fruit of my / our efforts for you the enjoy and learn from.  I am not a professional camera man or videographer so I ask you to have patience in viewing these programs.  I have broken the entire movie into segments that are free for you to view or download.  The entire contents can also be purchased for a modest sum for you to keep and view at home on DVD.